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This is why, in this guide, we’re talking about VoIP adapters.
A VoIP adapter is a device that acts as a bridge between your analog telephone service and the digital network that carries your calls. It’s also known as an Analog Telephone Adapter, or ATA for short. Navigate to these guys. offers a high-quality, flexible phone service solution because it utilizes your internet connection. However, you can’t just plug your traditional phone into a router and make it work. A VoIP adapter is what makes this possible even with your existing phone equipment.

Thanks to a VoIP adapter, you can keep using the devices you’ve already invested in. And with our recommendations below, your VoIP setup will be safe and reliable.
Best 1VoIP adapters, categorized by type
We’ve analyzed dozens of VoIP adapters available to bring you these 1best ones. We’ve sorted them by the kind of connection you require, including one phone, two phones, an analog line option, and a built-in router.
All the single FXS options listed here support the
T.3fax relay standard, allowing you to send and receive fax documents over the internet in real-time. If you’re looking to keep using fax after transitioning to VoIP, these adapters will enable you to do it.
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Perfect for your home or office, the Grandstream HT80ATA replaces the HT70ATA by Grandstream and provides a reliable IP telephony solution.

With its advanced features, you can easily use it for commercial IP voice service deployment on a large scale.
It’s also a great solution for remote and traveling employees who can join the company’s voice system from wherever they are—including existing analog lines in their homes or hotel rooms.
Dual FXS VoIP Adapters
Unlike the single FXS adapters, a dual FXS VoIP adapter will enable you to connect two devices to your IP network.
This can be two phones or a phone and a fax machine. If you can’t limit the number of devices you want to connect to just one, a dual FXS adapter will be a logical choice for you.
Cisco SPA11provides quality, peace of mind, and investment protection at an affordable price.

It’s effortless to install, set up, and use. Cisco’s customers can protect and extend their investment in analog telephones, conference speakerphones, and fax machines as well as control their migration to IP voice with this reliable solution.
The FXS/FXO VoIP adapters also have two ports.
FXO ports are used by companies who want to keep landline access as a backup option in case the internet/VoIP service goes down.
The Poly OBi31comes with one FXS port and one FXO port.
This enables you to plug a phone or fax machine into the FXS port and bring your legacy equipment into your IP network, as well as connect the FXO port to an outside telephone line to enable remote calling.

Patton SN10comes with both FXS and FXO ports (unlike its sibling, SN100).
You can connect an analog telephone or fax machine to your VoIP phone system, and have an FXO port available for fallback. It supports the open SIP communications protocol, which gives you a broad choice of VoIP platforms.
Obihai OBiBT is a good option if you want to make the most of this.
You can also turn your USB-equipped VoIP adapter into a wireless device connected over the internet with a WiFi adapter. is an excellent choice if this is something you want to set up..

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